Under the Patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan

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RT @krisfade: Heading to the tallest tower in the world to have breakfast with @kobebryant. #WTF @brentblack and I are like #OMG @Atthetop…Thanks for taking part in #kobefitnessuae! RT@souljaboy Me and @kobebryant at the tallest building in the world http://t.co/DY5SCYOs5TRT @souljaboy: Me and @kobebryant at the tallest building in the world http://t.co/XG2evSB3VoRT @souljaboy: Me and Kobe chillin at the game http://t.co/U5MXCbNzsuSoulja Boy Tell Em performing at half-time at the Kobe Bryant celebrity game: http://t.co/dHRLLDW3XW #kobefitnessuae #menarmediaListen to Emirati rapper Ghost perform the campaign song during half-time: http://t.co/QnFoTVmHLm #kobefitnessuae #menarmediaHere is the slam dunk contest in case you missed it! http://t.co/7jGCmA3Rou #kobefitnessuae #menarmediaMohamed Al Mubarak, Chairman at #Imagenation, and Team Black Mamba player: http://t.co/rjdCt2dd3R #kobefitnessuae #menarmediaIn case you missed him, here is #Souljaboy at the Kobe Bryant Celebrity Game in Dubai. http://t.co/1KWQeuztO5 #kobefitnessuaeA message from the Real Madrid Basketball Legends after the celebrity game. http://t.co/jIWEntA1Iw #kobefitnessuae #menarmediaAfter the celebrity game with #DMCC and #virginradiodxb #kobefitnessuae #menarmedia http://t.co/wiYuQrS51dCheck out Kris Fade at the celebrity game. شاهدوا كريس في احتفالية كوبي براينت #kobefitnessuae #menarmedia http://t.co/HR4HDrOb4P#kobebryant in #aud in #Dubai #kobefitnessuae #menarmedia http://t.co/b9rcTH1cMtThe crowds are loving it! http://t.co/dg0ixqNNRxReal Madrid Basketball Legends in #AUD http://t.co/te2sjieoQSCheck it out ! Marques Houston At Kobe Bryant Dubai Celebrity Game #kobefitnessuae #menarmedia #dmcc @DMCCAuthority @Dubai_CalendarExcited Chikay at The Kobe Bryant Dubai Celebrity Game #kobefitnessuae #menarmedia #dmccAUD students supporting The Kobe Bryant Health & Fitness Weekend Celebrity Game http://t.co/uXINbeTfQS #kobefitnessuae #menarmediaشاهدوا مغني الراب الإماراتي قوست في احتفالية كوبي براينت للصحة و اللياقة البدنية. http://t.co/8ZTJLVvvp2Check out the Emarati rapper Ghost at The Kobe Bryant Health & Fitness Weekend Celebrity Game.http://t.co/8ZTJLVvvp2فريق دوبلايز الرائع يستعد لاحتفالية المشاهير في الجامعة الأمريكية في دبي. @MenarMedia http://t.co/gc6pS6qHsyThe amazing team from #duplays getting ready for the celebrity game at #AUD. #kobefitnessuae #menarmedia http://t.co/rf6M3DHK0nGetting ready for the celebrity game مينار ميديا في الجامعة الأمريكية في دبي تستعد لاحتفالية المشاهير http://t.co/rMkl6rO5ikهل أنت مستعد لاحتفالية المشاهير حيث سيلعب فريق بلاك مامبا ضد فريق ريال مدريد اسطورة كرة السلة؟ ما الفريق الذي تشجعه ؟ #menarmediaAre you ready for the celebrity game"Team #blackmamba Vs. #RealMadrid #Basketball Legends?Who will you be supporting? http://t.co/b00Ea9qhJwThank you @DMCCAuthority, @KempinskiDubai for the amazing party of yesterday night! #Kobefitnessuae great success! http://t.co/lSiDfNSVzXTickets for today's celebrity basketball match with Kobe Bryant will be available at @AUDuba arena. Doors open at 2pm. Game starts 4:30Real Madrid Basketball Legends are confident they will beat Team Black Mamba in tomorrow's celebrity game unless...http://t.co/Ps3nCYFZiS#Kobebryant adds his voice on the Dubai celebrity game tomorrow! http://t.co/Q3hTtdr4Te #kobefitnessuae @DMCCAuthority @ahmedbinsulayemSo here's some behind the scenes gossip from one of the Team Black Mamba celebrity game players: http://t.co/yIguCJj1W3 #kobefitnessuae

Ahmed bin Sulayem

Chairman, DMCC

Dubai, UAE


1. Describe yourself in 3 words?

To quote a word invented by Malcolm Gladwell Disagreeableness, social risk taking and active introvert

2. How do you stay healthy and fit with your busy schedule?

This is seasonal and depends on whether I have back to back business travel. I prefer to mix it up. My work-outs can vary from an 1800 metre run, row, squats, press and everything else in between

3. How would you define fitness?

Fitness is an antidote to all of the laziness that modern life provides

4. What was the greatest challenge you faced in your career?  How did you overcome it?

Its knowing when the race is won

5. What do you like best about living in the Dubai?

That I have played a role in helping build the only new city of the 21st Century.  A city which provides more than is required both socially and professionally and still strives to give yet more

6. What song best describes your work ethic?

Johnny Cash ("Ain't No Grave (Gonna Hold This Body Down)"

7. What is your favourite Kobe moment?

There is no such thing as a single perfect Kobe moment! Kobe embodies mad skill, tenacity and dedication! He is truly a role model for many generations of basket ballplayers to come - Kobe’s perfect lob pass to Shack against Portland, need I say more! 2001 – Kobe and Co. swept  Westcoast, 2010 Kobe & Co. demoralising Boston Celtics in game 7

8. What is your secret weapon on the basketball court?

An unintentional elbow to the eye (Wink!)

9. What is your number one workout tip?

When you have given your all, you still have more to give

10. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you like to have with you?

Aside from kettle bells, a basket ball hoop, a best friend call ‘Wilson’ and NBA TV

11. If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

Lean 95 and Enguinity shakes

12. If you were to select 2 celebrities to be your parents, who would they be and why?

I doubt any celeb would like to be my parent

What advice would you give to kids about achieving their goals?

Never give up! Make the most of the bad times as well as the good times

13. If you could pick one highlight of your career, what would it be?

Positioning Dubai as the center of global commodity trade!

14. If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

Why? Are you looking for a ‘date’?

15. What was the best piece of advice you ever received?

Never Expect always Inspect! In the race to Excellence there is no finish line! Look at the opportunities within challenges rather than the challenges within the opportunities